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Côtes de Provence – AOC Côtes de Provence – P. Ferraud et Fils (Rosé Wine)

Grape Varieties – 40% Grenache; 20% Syrah; 40% Cinsault

Vintage 2015.

Visual Aspect: Charming wine, flattering, it is a very nice partner.

Olfactory Aspect: Offers a complex nose of white fruits such as peach and apricot.

Gustative Aspect: It is an extraordinary “Plaisir” to drink, red fruits flavour, silk, round  and fruity.

Food in Harmony to Seve with this Wine: Drink young of course, to keep the fruity, during the aperitif, night and day, and will be perfect with fish, very nice with mediterranean cuisine, (Aïoli of cod fish), spicy cuisine, paella, carry meals. 

Units in box: 6