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Chinon AOC ‘Clos du Saut au Loup”– Domaine Dozon

100% Cabernet Franc

Vintage 2013.

Savory and Classic

Tasting : Colour : Depending the years, the red colour varies from red ruby to red purple.

Nose and palate : Wine with tannic tends, balanced and very slighty bitter and astringence present in its youth. The aromas are complex :raspberry, licorice, cherry, pepper green, leather, black currant, violet, pivoine, with a bit of afforested savour. Ageing with tertiary aromas : spied on, undergrowth, mycelium, prune, crystallized cherry.

Serving temperature: 14 to 16° C

Suggested accompanying dishes : Red meats, with sauce, games and goat’s cheeses. Best with Beef and Venison